Frequently asked questions

Definitely not a religion. Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition developed by ancient sages to strengthen the body as well as clarify the mind. Yoga is to be seen as a way for a strong body and clear mind. A practical philosophy of life that you can use to make your life more balanced and healthy. Yoga is a lot, maybe everything, but in the end it is everything you make of it.
2What distinguishes yoga from other leisure activities?
Traditional yoga is to be seen as a path that brings body and mind to rest. A physical state that the western world has long forgotten. Yoga is the perfect complement for athletes. Practicing yoga for 15 minutes a day after sports stretches the muscles and tendons used in sports and is the perfect balance for the body after sports activity.
3I am not particularly mobile. Can I still do yoga?
Then yoga is perfect for you. Yoga stretches and strengthens the musculoskeletal system and thus leads to more mobility. Mindful yoga practice not only leads to more flexibility but also reduces your risk of injury.
4Is yoga strenuous, or do you just sit there?
It all depends on how you engage with your asanas. We have made the experience that little is often more, but concentrated. Yoga is strenuous for the body on several levels when you surrender to the asana, because not only physical blockages are released through the stretching of muscles and tendons and ligaments, but emotional issues are also resolved.
5What do I need for the yoga class?
Please bring your mat and a towel to the yoga class. You should wear appropriate clothing. The perfect yoga clothing should be made of pure cotton and not restrict your freedom of movement.
6How often should I practice yoga?
The truth? Preferably daily, if possible in the morning and evening 15 minutes each. If you can't get out of bed in the morning, then definitely in the evening. 15 minutes is enough if you practice exercises that are adapted to your needs.
7 Why should I not eat anything heavy 2-3 hours before yoga class?
Here you need to find the right balance. You should not do yoga with an empty stomach and also not with a full stomach. Above all, it should be a light meal that you should eat about 2 hours before yoga. This way you will be ready for your asanas without food being heavy in your stomach and hindering your yoga practice.
8What can I imagine under yoga therapy?