Yoga Asanas
Positions in Yoga


Yoga as a path

Don't worry, in our yoga classes, the asanas/exercises are adapted to your needs.

1 /   muscle stretching

2 /   Stretching tendons and ligaments.

Yoga for relaxation

Creating harmony of body and mind means relaxation. Regular practice of customized exercises (asanas) helps to reduce stress and establish the necessary harmony in the body. The aim of these sessions is:

1 /   to find individual exercises for the daily practice on your own

2 /   To bring body & mind to rest

Yoga as therapy

Yoga can not only be used preventively as a measure to keep the body healthy, but is also a way to activate the self-healing powers in case of diseases such as migraine, back problems through regular practice of individual exercises.

1 /   Yoga as prevention to maintain health

2 /   Yoga as a therapy for illness.
Yoga as a path

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